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Season's Greetings

As the printing firm I use is on holiday until January 4th, I will be closing down as well. This will allow me to catch up with existing orders and work on one or two new projects for the New Year.

I would like to wish all my customers a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year.



Class 360 4-Car EMU Now available in N - Click Here


Want to see APT-E in N Gauge? Revolution Trains do. And so do I.

Click here to help make it happen.

Class 360 EMU in N Gauge - a conversion for the Graham Farish 350 Desiro.

Click here for details.


New TransPennine Express Livery for Class 350/4

Now available in OO and N.

Price: N Gauge £20.00 OO Gauge: £35.00

I am pleased to announce that the OO Gauge Class 158 DMU vinyls have been checked, redrawn where necessary and are now available again. Details here:

Class 158 Express Sprinter


Stop Press - New TransPennine Express Grey Class 350/4 due end of May 2017

Price: N Gauge £20.00 OO Gauge: £35.00

New Northern Livery Expands

Now available to order - CLass 150/2 and 156 in the new Northern Trains Blue/ White livery.

GWR Doodlebug

GWR Class 153, no 153318 in the new dark green livery - Available in N and OO


Former Class 104 Sandite Cars

Conversion Kits for the old-style Graham Farish Class 101 DMU, consisting of bodyside vinyls, designed to be used in conjuntion with the 3D printed end from N-Train.

ADB977554 BR Blue - Buxton TMD

ADB 977555 BR Blue - Carlisle

Ideal for dragging around the North-West behind a 25 or 31.

£8.00 Each

New-Look Northern

Arriva Trains Northern 2016 White and Blue livery for the 2-Car 150/2 now available in N Gauge - cost £10.00 a set

Arriva Trains Northern 2016 White and Blue livery for the 3-Car 158 now available in N Gauge - cost £16.00 a set



T Gauge


Due to lack of sales, I regret that I am no longer selling theT Gauge Range.

This is a shame but I simply do not have the time needed to do this small scale justice .

Any future releases will be in conjunction with




Now available to order in N Gauge

Network Rail New Measurement Train Mk3 Coaches and HST Power Car sides in the latest Network Rail livery - click here for details, including a special offer for existing NMT customers!

Network Rail Class 950 Track Recording Train 950001 in the latest Network Rail livery

Class 158 3-Car unit in GWR Green

Class 73/9 Caledonian Sleeper


Coming soon, subject to approval

Class 91, Mark 4 Coaches and DVT Virgin Trains East Coast

Class 43, Mk3 HST Trailers Virgin Trains East Coast


New in N Gauge - Class 304 AM10 3 / 4-car EMU

Click on the image above for full details of this much-requested AC EMU.

The website is well overdue for an update, so please find a quick summary of what has recently been added. Biggest news is that Electra have very kindly been given permission to produce vinyl overlays for the Caledonian Sleeper Mk2 and 3 coaches in the new livery and these are now available to order. N Gauge Only.

N Gauge

OO Gauge


Older News

New items in N Gauge

This month see a new page appearing on the sidebar for N Gauge "Heritage" DMUs - this separates them from their modern cousins and also allows some new additions to the range, namely the Swindon Cross Country Class 120 and Inter-City 123 units. Click the image to go straight there!

Also new this month is an N Gauge livery pack for the HST in the new GWR Green livery, launched in September 2015. Click on the images for details.

Updated "In Stock for immediate delivery" list posted. N Gauge Class 310 and 312 instructions updated and reloaded to website.

N Gauge AC EMU Update

With new 3D printed ends now available, I'm delighted to be able to offer the N Gauge Class 310 and 312 EMU kits once more. These are designed to convert 3 or 4 Graham Farish Mk2 coaches and use ends available from N-Train.

Electra and N-Train now offer an unrivalled range of overhead EMU kits in N, which open up new modelling possibilities, such as the London Midland Suburban, Great Eastern or Great Northern Electrics.

Great Eastern: Class 302, Class 307, Class 312, Class 315 (Soon), Class 325

London, Tilbury and Southend: Class 302, Class 310, Class 312

Great Northern: Class 312, Class 313, Class 325

London Midland: Class 310, Class 312/2, Class 313, Class 323, Class 501, Class 508, Class 325


Coming Soon: Class 314 (Strathclyde), 315 (Great Eastern), 319 (Thameslink / Northern)


N-Train Class 325 now available to order!!

Yes, finally the revised, 3D Printed 325 Postal EMU Kit is now available with Electra vinyls in with a range of numbers and choice of liveries.

Click here

The Class 319 "Thameslink" EMU is next in the N-Train developement queue - watch this space!

Development News

Currently on the drawing board are the Bulleid-design 2 and 4 EPB Units in N and OO and the Scotrail Fife Circular Mk2 coaches with the new Saltire livery

The Shows page has been updated for 2015 featuring DEMU Showcase, The Corsham N Gauge Show (nr. Chippenham, Wilts) and the International N Gauge Show in Spetember.

Click here

New Product Development

It is planned to have some exciting new products available this summer, representing the very latest developments on the National Railway Network. Look out for some exciting news soon - the future is going to be bright!

Good news!

The printers are back up and running again and I should be receiving some more vinyls in stock soon. Please bear with me whilst I catch up with orders placed over the last couple of months.

Recently introduced are N Gauge Mark 2 Pullmans in West Coast / Statesman umber and cream.

What's available straight away....?

If you don't want to wait for your vinyls, I always try to maintain a good stock of items and have a list to download.

For a list of Electra items in stock and ready for immediate order, please click here.

Filename: ERG Listing 2015.PDF (325kb)

Electra News - Updated 25/01/2015


New Train Packs in N Gauge

The following complete train packs are available, enabling you to complete a rake in one go

Click here for more details

These coaches are also available individually.

Exciting Royal OO News

I am now in the process of scaling up some of the most popular N Gauge items into 4mm scale. Now available to order are the following new lines:

HST Mark 3 Coaches in First Great Western, East Midlands Trains and East Coast

Class 430 4-REP EMU

Class 438 4-TC Trailer Set

Royal Train Pack

Royal Train 1977 Pack

Delivery expected in 2-3 weeks from 16/11/14

East Coast Special 91 in N


Now available to order - 91110 in it's distinctive and stylish Battle of Britain Memorial Flight livery. This has been reproduced from side-on photographs of the real thing, scaled to fit the Graham Farish Class 91. The graphics depict a Lancaster one side and Spitfire and Hurricane the other. Also included are roof and nose end graphics.

Please note this will not be made available in OO, as this is available as a special edition from Model Rail Magazine.


Old Favourites Reborn

The webpages for N Gauge Mk4 Coaches and VIA Rail Renaissance stock have been updated with images of the new-style graphics. The INTERCITY Mk4s really make a difference and turn the old Graham Farish model into something really special.

The Only Way is Clacton...

Now available - Vinyls for the Refurbished Class 309 "Clacton" EMUs. Features to watch out for:


Electrifying News for WCML Modellers!

TransPennine Express Class 350/4 now available in N and OO.

OO Gauge Class 350/4 - £35.00 - Click Here


T Gauge News


It's been a pretty busy time here at Electra Towers and I'm afraid that I have been neglecting the smallest of scales recently. Happy to say that's all chancing, with a big clutch of new items and the chance to shape future releases.

New this month are the Class 153 Single Car DMU (sold in packs of 2), Class 377 Electrostar in Southern, FCC and SouthEastern colours and the London Overground Class 378.

I am proposing to work on the following for the next batch of releases:

Please let me know if any of these tickle your fancy and, if not, what would you like to see in T. There is just so much to choose from, I don't know where to start!

Class 365 EMU in 4mm


Class 365 in OO by John Jarvis. Convered from Hornby Class 466 Networker bodies, cut and shut to make a 4-car set, with Electra vinyls for the Connex Livery.

Many thanks for the picture, John...simply stunning!


N Gauge News

Quick Navigation to all N Gauge Pages now available - click on QuickNav in the sidebar

Test Coach Mars


Test Coach Mars, as built by Oliver Abbott, using a Farish GUV bodyshell and cast EMU end. Superb job!


Now available to order - click images for more details.

Mark 2 High Speed Track Recording Coach.


Available in BR Blue/Grey (3 versions), Serco, Railtrack and Network Rail (2 versions) - £8.00

Test Coach Mars (ex-Class 501)


Available in BR Blue/Grey - with and without Network SouthEast branding. - £8.00

The Royal Train - 1977 Silver Jubilee Formation


I am delighted to be able to offer the Royal Train in the 1977 formation used during the Queen's Silver Jubilee celebrations, when the train was mainly Mk1 based. The two Mk3 Saloons 2903 and 2904 had just been introduced, converted from Prototype HST vehicles.

An ideal excuse to run a really shiny blue diesel (or electric) with white-walled wheels, silver buffers and all the trimmings!

Coaches 2900, 2901 and 2902 have rouned ends to the roof and ends and instructions will be supplied should you wish to carry out the full conversion.

Prices per vehicle - 1: £8.00, 2: £12.00, 3: £16.00, 4: £20.00

Full 9-coach set, just £40.00


N Gauge Class 491 and 430 pages updated with images of new vinyls.


Stop Press: Bumper selection of old-style N Gauge Electra Vinyls (with cut out windows) now available at half-price or less. Selection includes Northern Belle, Scotrail 170s and 158s, FM Rail Blue Pullman and NSE Mk2A coaches.

Click here for details. (PDF 180kb)


Overlays for the new-style Graham Farish Class 101 now available - details here.

New - Mark 3 Inter-City Executive Saloon (TLUK) 40513 in Inter-City Livery now available for £8.00 to fit the Graham Fairsh Mk3. This coach was added to Eastern Region HST sets in the 1980s and hired out as a mobile meeting room. Often seen marshalled between first class and the power car on Blue.grey, Exec or Swallow-liveried sets.

Strathclyde PTE Orange Class 107 now available


Available now for £16.00 - Click HERE

MkIII TRUK Network SouthEast Class 442 Demonstrator

A unique chance to have an HST vehicle in NSE livery and get away with it! This coach was repainted during 1987 and toured the South-Western Division to show stakeholders the planned interior spec for the Class 442 EMUs under construction. - £8.00


Chiltern Mainline Class 168 Clubman

Prototype Picture Here


A new departure for Electra this month is the release of the Class 205 DEMU in HO Scale (3.5mm to the foot). This has been designed to fit the 1970s Lima HO Mk1 coaches and is priced at £20.00 for a 3-car set. Click on the image for more details.


Would UK HO modellers like to see any other Electra Products re-scaled? Please drop me an e-mail and let me know.


New products for the N Gauge Show

As well as a bumper selection of new-style vinyls, there will be a few new additions to the Electra range.

All-new 3-car XC 170 - model and picture by Paul Churchill


Website updated featuring images of new-style vinyls

Mk1 Cravens








N-Train / Electra Class 313 EMU Launches in N!

Details here!

Chiltern Mk3s with Power Doors in N

Available new-style vinyls for immediate order.

Stocklist – New Vinyls – 11/07/2013

The following are available for immediate order. Please place any orders before July 17th to allow for dispatch before holidays.

OO Gauge

Class 150/2 – First Great Western Local Lines - £15.00
Class 153 - First Great Western Local Lines and Arriva Orange “Heart of Wales” - £10.00
Class 158 - First Great Western Local Lines and East Midlands Trains - £15.00
Class 411 Refurbished 4-CEP – Network SouthEast - £30.00
Class 421 4-CIG Blue/Grey - £30.00
Class 442 Wessex Electric- Network SouthEast - £35.00
Class 450 Desiro – SouthWest Trains - £35.00
Class 950 Track Recorder Network Rail - £15.00
Mk2D Scotrail Caledonian Sleeper RLO and BUO – Purple Livery - £15.00

N Gauge

GWR Parcels Railcar – BR Crimson or GWR Livery - £8.00
Network Rail New Measurement Train - £22.00
Class 101 – Strathclyde Caledonian Blue - £12.00
Class 153 - First Great Western Local Lines, Regional Railways, Wessex Black, Wessex Pink - £8.00
Class 421 4-CIG – Network SouthEast, Connex, SWT and Southern - £20.00
Class 442 Wessex Electric – Gatwick Express - £22.00
Class 456 – Connex - £12.00
Mark 2A Hebridean Set including Class 101 observation car - £22.00
Mk2 and 3 Royal Train – 9 coach set - £40.00


Class 450 4-Car EMU in OO

SouthWest Trains Siemens Desiro

Now available


Full colour overlays designed to transform the Bachmann Class 350 EMU into the SouthWest Trains Class 450 unit. Each set comes with sides, gangway covers, numbers, roof swoosh and a choice of destination labels. Price: £35.00 for 4-car set.


Important Announcement

I am delighted to announce that Electra is once again open for business and ready to take your order. I am also delighted to annoucne the most fundamental change to Electra's offerings since moving to vinyl a few years ago. All the printing and cutting of the vinyls is now being done by a printing firm in Norfolk.

As I am getting the vinyls printed externally, please allow up to 28 days for delivery, though typically it should be around one or two weeks.

The website will gradually be updated with pictures of the new-style vinyls and any price changes over the coming weeks. If you see something on the site and it is not priced, please ask. I am trying to keep prices the same, though some items may increase.

The change to external printing will allow a big improvement in the quality of the finished article and allow me more time to devote to develpoing new products.

New Vinyls

New vinyls are now arriving!