Class 501 North London / Watford 3-Car EMU

Finished Class 501 in BR Blue and Blue/Grey- Note the finely-cut window bars, which are integral with the main bodyside - just peel and stick!

Known as the "Jail Trains", due to the prominent window bars on the passenger door windows, the Class 501s worked inner suburban services on the Euston / Broad Street - Watford DC Lines and the North London Lines between 1959 and 1987, when they were replaced by the more modern Class 313 units.

These kits have been totally re-drawn to fit the GF Mk1 Suburban Coach and now features vinyl sides with pre-cut window bars.

Class 501 - BR Unlined Green
Class 501 - BR Lined Green
Class 501 - BR Rail Blue
Class 501 - BR Blue / Grey

Designed to fit 3x Graham Farish Mk1 Suburban Open Second coaches. A few minutes work is required to remove the raised handrail detail and smooth the driving ends. Full instructions are enclosed.

Also available, "The Strawberry Hill Beast".

This is a former Class 501 DMBS that became the depot shunter at Strawberry Hill in London during Network SouthEast days. Like the prototype, Electra's model features a driving cab at both ends. Price