The 8-VAB was formed in 1968 from 2x 4-VEP units and a loco-hauled RB Restaurant car to meet a drastic shortage of electric stock on the Waterloo-Bournemouth line.

In effect this was formed of two units, a three car unit: DTC+MBS+DTC and a five-car: DTC+MBS+RB+MBS+DTC

The intermediate cabs on the 8-VAB were painted yellow, and all four cab ends carried the number 8001, indeed, the middle cabs were kept operative as the unit was very occasionally split and ran as a 5-car or 3-car as appropriate.

Electra's kit contains overlays for all eight coaches and includes detail notes on the correct formation.

Available in BR Blue as running from 1968-72 (with blue/grey Mk1 Restaurant car) and Blue/Grey as from 1972-74