Refurbished Class 411 4-CEP Electric Multiple unit

Ex-CEP-tional Detail!

Pictures by Olivar Abbott

The Class 411 4-CEP EMUs were introduced in 1958 for the Kent Coast Electrification and were refurbished between 1977 and 1982, incorporating an Inter-City style interior and double-glazed tinted windows. They worked mainly on mainline duties on the South Eastern Division but soon spread to all areas of the Southern.


Blue / Grey
London & SouthEast Sector "Jaffa Cake" Brown/Orange
Post 1986"Jaffa Cake" Brown/Orange - with NSE Branding and Black Stripe
Network SouthEast - Post 1988 version with darker blue and curved upsweep
Revised SouthWest Trains (no orange band) as running on South Eastern services
South West Trains - Blue/Red/Orange/White
411592 in BR Multiple Unit Green - see image
411602 Connex Yellow/White


Prototype Refurbished Unit 1500 in Jaffa Cake livey - same window layout but with Mk1-style windows
Departmental Tractor unit 081 - 2-Car set (ex-1500) - £12.00 (pictured)


Price: £20.00