Class 404 4-COR EMU

1937 Maunsell 4-Car Express EMU

4-COR Blue

The 4-COR EMUs were introdued by the Southern Railway in 1937 for the newly electrified Waterloo - Portsmouth mainline. Nicknamed "Nelsons", these elegant units worked the Portsmouth line until the 1960s, when displaced by more modern 4-CIG stock. The 4-CORs were transferred to the Central Division working to Brighton and the south coast until withdrawl in 1971. Many units survived to receive BR Blue Livery.

There were three main variants of this type of unit, the 4-COR, 4-RES (restaurant car) and 4-BUF (Buffet car) and these often ran in 12-car formations with one of each type. Additionally, some 4-RES restaurant cars were converted into Griddle cars in the 1960s, with the units becoming, appropriatly enough, the 4-GRI!

The 4-COR kit is planned first with the RES, BUF and GRI to follow.

This kit converts 4 Graham Farish Mk1 63' Coaches

Southern Railway Olive Green
Southern Railway Malachite Green
British Railways Multiple-Unit Green
BR Rail Blue

Electra's kit for this unit is designed to convert the Graham Farish Mark 1 coach bodyshell and a good likeness can be made with minimal alteration. For the modeller wishing to incorporate correct Maunsell underframe and other components, these can be sourced via Ultima Models