BR 57ft GUV

BR 57ft GUV side decals in BR Crimson / Cream, BR Maroon, BR(S) Green

£Each: Discounts available for multiple purchases - please ask!

BR CCT 4-Wheel Van

CCT Red Bank Parcels

Overlays to convert the Lima CCT - many different liveries and styles available

BR Maroon
BR Blue - Plain / Express Parcels Branding / Faded Blue / Abandoned / Departmental Stores Van
BR Blue with Red Star Branding and red stripe (Red Bank Parcels) 3-Van Set - £ (pictured)
RTC Red / Blue - Stores Van 024497
Tartan Arrow Red / White


EWS / Res Modern Parcels Vans

Out now - a range of kits to convert Graham Farish coaches into modern, roller-shutter fitted parcels vans. These are ideal for haulage by Classes 47, 67, 86 and 90. All are now available in pre-cut, self-adhesive vinyl.

Res1 Res Livery 2x PCV, 1 x Super BG, 1x Super GUV
Res2 Res Livery 2 x Super BG 2 x Super GUV
Res 3 2x PCV, 1 x Super BG, 1x Super GUV -EWS/Res Unbranded Livery
Res 4 2 x Super BG 2 x Super GUV - EWS/Res Unbranded Livery
Res 5 EWS Express - 2xPCV, 2X Courier Van - EWS Livery



This striking train consists of two PCVs and intermediate vans, all repainted matching in EWS Maroon / Gold Livery and carrying distinctive "Express" branding. The prototypes are used for high speed parcels services from the Midlands to Scotland.