Class 365 "Networker Express" 4-Car Unit

Class 365 in Connex SouthEastern Livery: picture and model by John Jarvis.


A set of fully pre-printed, pre-cut, self-adhesive sides for the BREL Class 365 "networker Express" unit, working First Capital Connect services from Peterborough / Kings Lynn to London Kings Cross and until 2008, Connex SouthEastern services from Victoria to North Kent.

These sides are designed aid the conversion of the Hornby Class 466 units, which will need considerable work to convert into a 4-car set. These include correct overlays for the underframe skirting and "smiley face" front end for the new cab front.

Network SouthEast - Unbranded
Connex SouthEastern (see image)
First Capital Connect

Price: £30.00 for a 4-car set