London Transport

Ex-Southern Region Class 438 4-TC


Something different for the London area modeller...available now is the ex-Southern Region 4-TC trailer set in Metropolitan Railway Teak livery with Crimson ends. This differs from the BR versions by having window bars fitted to prevent "flailing" in those tight LT tunnels.

This set consists of full colour-pre cut vinyls, re-creating the intricate Teak effect livery of the prototype - iteslf wrapped in vinyls. Crimson end vinyls are also provided.

This set is used on numerous specials around the London Undeground network and beyond, enjoying haulage by many types of locos, including a 94xx Pannier, Class 20s and, of course, LT's own classic Bo-Bo Electric "Sarah Siddons".

The price for this unique livery pack is £18.00

For modellers who wish to model this unit in its pre-2009 Metropolitan guise, this is also available in the earlier Maroon livery with scarlet ends.

Metropolitan Line Bo-Bo Decal Packs

Full-colour side panels with lining, lettering and London Transport Logos for Parkwood Models Metropolitan Line Bo-Bo Electric Locomotive. Various name and number combinations will be available, including "Sarah Siddon", as preserved.

Now Available: No 12 "Sarah Siddons", as preserved. Sheet consists of lined bodyside and door panels, Metropolitan crests, end numbers and separate card nameplates. £3.00

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