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Individual Mark 1, 2, 3 RTC Departmental Test Coaches

Mark 2 Test Coach 6 - RTC Red/Blue with yellow Chevron ends
Mk2a Laboratory 5 - RTC Reverse Executive Red/White/Grey
Mk2a Laboratory 5 -AEA Technology Blue
Mark 1 Test Coach 5 - RTC Red/Blue
Mark 3 Test Coach 10 - RTC Red/Blue
Mk1 Laboratory 11 - RTC Reverse Executive Red/White/Grey

BR Mark 2 High Speed Track Recording Coach


The HSTRC was purpose built in 1975 for track recording purposes and has seen a variety of different guises, including working as part of Network Rail's New Measurement Train.

BR Blue / Grey as built with yellow doors (1970s)
BR Blue / Grey with BR logo and lettering on red stripe (1980s - pictured)
BR Blue / Grey Livery - no side lettering (early 1990s)
Serco Railtest Red / Grey (late 1990s)
Railtrack Blue / Green
Network Rail - New Measurement Train (NMT)
Network Rail plain yellow with logo (current)

Price: £8.00

BR Mark 1 Breakdown Train Support Coaches

By popular demand, three Mk1 Breakdown Train re-railing vans are now available, designed to conver the Graham Farish 63' Mk1. All are finished in yellow with black chevrons and include artwork for the ends.

Network SouthEast Snow Train Support Coaches

Polar Bear



ADB 975484 and ADB 975486 "Ptarmigan" and "Polar Bear". These coaches were used in conjunction with a snow-blower machine for winter emergencies. Many thanks to Chris Parker for photos of the finished model.


MOD Support Coach - Railfreight Distribution Livery

Mk1 Escort Coach

Another "wierd and wonderful" departmental coach in N Gauge, a former Mk1 Bullion Van converted into an Escort Vehicle for MOD Services. This would have typically carried troops guarding MOD Trains. Ideal for use with Warflats and Warwells!

Prices per coach: 1: £8.00, 2: £12.00, 3: £16.00, 4: £20.00

Departmental Mk2c 977787 "Civil Engineer Preston" in Dutch livery and Intercity branding

Available with your own choice of place name and branding for just an extra £3.00


Tribometer Train

Graham Farish / Modelzone 97201 "Experiment" leads the Tribometer Train along the WCML.

Many thanks to Nigel Burkin for the photos of the RTC Red/Blue set - more pictures can be seen here

The "Trib Train" was introduced in 1972 and ran until the early 1990s, measuring wheel/rail adhesion profiles around the BR network. It was hauled by the Railway Technical Centre's own locos, beginning with a Baby Deltic or Co-Bo until Class 24 97201 "Experiment" was introduced.

97201 was the staple morive power until the mid 1980s when a new livery was applied and a 31 used.

The Signal Box Model Shop has comissioned a limited run from Graham Farish for 97201 - details HERE

Electra's kit consists of overlays for the three vehicles, Auto-Trailer RDB975076, Monitoring Van RDB 999900 and Lab 11, RDB 975046. These are designed to fit on two Mk1 BSKs (not the new ones) and one VBA wagon.

Tribometer Train - Original RTC Red / Blue
Tribometer Train - Revised RTC Grey / Red Stripes
RDB999900 Monitoring Van Conversion only for Farish VBA - Original RTC Red / Blue
RDB999900 Monitoring Van Conversion only for Farish VBA - Revised RTC Grey / Red Stripes
Single coaches, either type, either livery

Monitoring Van RDB999900 in Original RTC Red / blue Livery, fitted directly on an unmodified Farish VBA.

Laboratory 11, RDB 975046 in the later RTC "Reverse Executive" scheme.

Test Coach Prometheus / Test Car 5 - Mark 1 Coach

Conversion for the GF Mark 1 coach to make Test Coach "Prometheus" - later Test Car 5 - available in RTC Blue/Red, RTC "Reverse Executive" Livery and Serco Railtest Livery. Comes complete with card template for pantograph well. - £

Test Car 10 - Mark 3 Coach

Mark 3 conversion available in RTC Red / Blue Livery -

Laboratory 15 "Argus" - Mark 3 Coach


Mark 3 conversion available in RTC "Reverse Executive" or Serco Railtest Livery


The Strawberry Hill Beast

This is a former Class 501 DMBS that became the depot shunter at Strawberry Hill in London during Network SouthEast days. Like the prototype, Electra's model features a driving cab at both ends. Price: £8.00