About our vinyl sides

All Electra products are now produced on photo-quality, self-adhesive vinyl, enabling a huge amount of detail to be represented. When printed, the sheets are fed into a cutting machine that lines up on registration marks, cutting out the windows and sides.

Just peel the side from the backing sheet, leaving the window blanks behind and fit to your stripped coach or loco shell. A quick coat of spray varnish (non-acrylic) will finish off and protect your coach.

Stripping Graham Farish Coaches

I am often asked what is the best method of stripping the finish from a Farish Coach. There are various ways of doing this but beware as, over the years, different plastics have been used that react in different ways.

Original Graham Farish Stock
For Example: UK Made Mk1, 2, 3, 4 coaches and Class 101 and some 158 DMUs.

Nail varnish removal wipes, available for around 99p a pack are really good at removing the finish from Poole-built coaches with care. These are mildly corrosive and can damage the plastic if left in contact for too long. Thoroughly rinse the coach shell after use. You can use Brasso very gently to remove and fogging but too much pressure may cause the plastic to crack!

Bachmann-Built Stock

Anything marked "Made in China", such as Mk1s with solebar lettering, Mark 2s, 3s,4s and 158s with tinted bodyshells.

Brasso works beautifully on the more recent Chinese made Farish coaches, though requires more elbow-grease to get a really good finish. This has a nasty habit of attacking the plastic of the earlier UK-made coaches, so be careful.

Whatever method you use, patience is its own reward and a well-stripped shell will do wonders for the finished article.

For both methods, Johnsons "Klear" floor-polish makes a superb varnish for really bringing out the finish. Unfortunately, this is no longer available but I gather that Lakeland Limited now offer a similar product.