British Rail Class 438 4-TC

4-Coach Trailer Set - Originally Class 491


Each pack consists of full-colour, pre-cut, self-adhesive coach sides that are designed to be mounted on clear acetate or thin plasticard. These sides can then be affixed on a suitably modified Mark One coach and used in conjunction with third-party castings for ends and underframes.

This set can be used with cast metal ends from MJT / Dart Castings, Hornby / Bachmann Mk1 coaches.

The sides are fully liveried and include running numbers - also included are a selection of headcode panels and end numbers.

Price: £30.00 for a 4-car set. 6-Car Eurostar Test Train £35.00

Class 438 4-TC BR Plain Blue
Class 438 4-TC BR Blue / Grey
Class 438 4-TC Network SouthEast
Class 438 4-TC Eurostar Test Train - RTC Red/Blue with 2 extra NSE trailers - £35.00
Class 438 4-TC London Transport Maroon / Teak Effect