European Passenger Services "Nightstar" International Coaches

Conversion Kits for Graham Farish GNER Mark Four Coaches

Prices per vehicle - 1: £8.00, 2: £12.00, 3: £16.00, 4: £20.00


Set 1 Starter Set - Sleeper, Service Vehicle, Seating Coach - £15.00
Set 2 Sleeper Expansion Set - 3x Sleeper - £15.00
Set 3 Seating Coach Expansion Set - 3x Seating Coach - £15.00

Web Special Offer - Buy all three sets for £35.00 - enough for a nine-coach rake.

Individual Coaches can be purchased for £8 each, two coaches for £12.00

The Nightstar coaches were introduced in 1995 to provide overnight services from the UK to mainland Europe.

The plans for these services were very ambitious, with Class 92s hauling Nightstar services from London to Cologne and Amsterdam and also regional services from the Midlands, North-East and South-West to Paris and Brussels.

The South-West service from Plymouth to Paris would have been a delight to travel on, with two Class 37/6 sandwiching a MkIII-based generator car running as far as Kensington Olympia, with a 92 taking the service forward to Calais.

Due to financial and political pressures, the project was aborted, despite the coaches having been built and placed into store, though some test running did occur in Britain and in Europe.

The coaches were eventually sold to Via Rail in Canada, where they now earn a living working services from Montreal to Ottawa and Quebec.

Electra's kits are designed to convert the Graham Farish GNER Mark Four coaches, featuring clear windows and full instructions. The coaches will be available individually or in multi-packs to allow complete rakes to be quickly formed.

It is also planned to release the Mark 3 Generator Car that ran between the two EPS Class 37/6s "off the juice".