VIA Renaissance Coaches


Renaissance Coaches built by William Ainslie at work on his layout.


VIA Rail Day Coach conversion

Coversion kit for the Graham Farish Mark 4 Coaches.

These coaches were originally built in Britain for overnight services to Europe via the Channel Tunnel. The whole project was doomed from the start and would never have been financially viable and so the coaches were sold to VIA Rail of Canada to modernise long-haul services under the "Renaissance" label. These coaches still carry the original two-tone green livery, with added VIA Rail Graphics.

Being bhuilt to British loading gauge, the Renaissance stock is considerably smaller than North American vehicles, which is obvious when coupled to a locomotive.

As these models use British N Gauge coaches as a basis, they are to 1:148 scale and not to American 1:160 - they still look tiny when coupled to a Kato Genesis Unit!

Day Coach
Sleeper Coach
Service Vehicle
Baggage Car



More than four coaches - please ask!