BREL International Coaches

Ten of these coaches were built in 1987 as demonstrators for an up-to-date Mark 3 for export, with all the latest features, such as plug doors and this set saw extensive test running on the WCML, particularly with the Class 89 before being sold to Irish Rail, where they have worked until very recently.

These coaches saw international fame in 1988 when they were sent to Hamburg, Germany to take part in an international rail exhibition, along with a Class 150/2 and Class 89, 90 and 91 locomotives.

A full history can be found here

Electra's conversion kits are designed for the Graham Mark 3 coach and consist of full-colour, pre-printed, self-adhesive vinyl sides with incredible detail and the complex livery expertly reproduced.

All four Variants are now available:

Open Standard (5 different numbers)
Brake Open First (Two different numbers)

Open First (Two different numbers)

Buffet / Restaurant

Prices per coach: 1: £8.00, 2: £12.00, 3: £16.00, 4: £20.00

Please enquire for special rates for more than four coaches.