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BREL Class 456 2-Car EMU

Overlays to convert the Graham Farish Class 150 Sprinter DMU into a Class 456 EMU

Class 456 stands next to a 4-VEP - thanks to Sean Healy for the photo.

The 2-coach Class 456 was introduced in 1989 for local services around South London, based around the Mk3 Class 321 bodyshell but with additional jumper cables on the front end. Initially in Network SouthEast livery, they passed to Southern and now operate with SouthWest Trains from Waterloo.

To complete the kit, you need a set of 3D Printed ends, which areavailable from the N Gauge Forum.

Underframe modules are under development from N-Train.

Each set inclides sides, doors, end numbers and templates for modifying the bodyshell.

Price: £15.00 for a 2-car set

Liveries Available

Network SouthEast - South London Lines

Faded Network SouthEast - unbranded

Connex Yellow / White - Sir Cosmo Bonsor
Southern Green / White
SouthWest Trains Red

Sean Healy's excellent Class 456 conversion.