Class 360 4-Car EMU

Greater Anglia and Heathrow Connect Siemens Desiro

360 117 in as-delivered First Great Eastern "Barble" Livery



Class 360/1 - Introduced in 2002 by First Great Eastern for services from Liverpool Street to Ipswich and Clacton. These units passed to National Express and are now operated by Abellio as part of the Greater Anglia franchise.

Class 360/2 - introduced in 2005 by BAA and First Great Western for a new, all-stations, service between London Paddington and Heathrow Airport. Initially running as 4-car sets, these were soon extended to five cars to meet demand.

Each set contains full colour overlays designed to re-livery the Graham Farish Class 350. Some modification work is reqired for the front end to remove the gangways - a new end vinyl with clear windiscreen and instructions are provided.

Each set comes with sides, inner ends and front end panels.

Class 360/1 4-Car EMU - First Great Eastern (Pictured)
Class 360/1 4-Car EMU - Greater Anglia (Ex-First Geat Eastern)
Class 360/1 4-Car EMU - National Express East Anglia 360115
Class 360/1 4-Car EMU - Greater Anglia (Ex-National Express) 360115
Class 360/2 4-Car EMU - Heathrow Connect (Also available as a five-car set)


Price: £20.00 for a 4-car set - £25.00 for 5-car set