London Midland Region Class 304 AM4 Electric Multiple unit

The Class 304 Units were introduced in 1961 on the newly electrified London Midland Region for suburban services around Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and Crewe. The units were never refurbished but were reformed as 3-car sets in the 1980s, losing the Trailer Composite vehicle. A handful of units received Regional Railways livery and survived until 1996.

There were two types of units: 304/1 with small compartment windows and 304/2 with larger side windows and some other detail differences.

Full instructions will be included with details of roof and underframe details as well as the differences between the sub-classes.

The 304s ran on Gresley bogies (available from the N Gauge Society) and etched ends are available from Worsley Works to fit the old-stule Graham Farish Mk1 coach.

When ordering, please state 304/1(small windows) or 304/2 (large windows)

BR Green - 4-car only
BR Rail Blue - 4 car only
BR Blue / Grey 3 or 4 car
Regional Railways (304/2 and 3-car only)

Price: 3-Car Units: £16.00, 4-car units £20.00