Class 156 Super Sprinter DMU

156 Scotrail


Pre-cut, self-adhesive side and end vinyls for the Dapol Class 156. These enable you to re-livery your model with minimal painting or other modifications.

Original Provincial Livery - 156401"Sprinter" or 156484 "Super-Sprinter"
Regional Railways Central - 158 Express Style - with RR or Central Branding
Strathclyde PTE Orange / Black

Regional Railways North West - with RR or First NW Branding

Scotrail "Swoosh" White / Purple / Green / Orange
Scotrail "Swoosh" White / Purple / Green / Orange - First Scotrail Branding
Scotrail 2008 - Saltire Blue Livery
Northern Rail
One Livery
National Express East Anglia / Greater Anglia
Greater Anglia (White with Red Doors)
Northern Rail White and Blue (2016 onwards)

All 2-car units are £12.00