Class 150/1 Sprinter DMU

150/1 LM

Class 150/1 in the new London Midland scheme. A 150/2 shell has been used for the demo model - please excuse the end gangway!


These vinyl packs include bodysides with separate doors and feature cut-outs to allow some of the more prominent side detail to show through - no work needs to be done on the donor vehicle watsoever and hardly any of the detail is compromised.

Available in the following Liveries:

Original Provincial Blue
Regional Railways

Greater Manchester Regional Railways - Dark Grey / Red

CENTRO Green - Regional Railways Branding
CENTRO Green - Revised
Northern Rail
Silverlink - London Overground Branding
Silverlink - First Great Western Branding
London Midland
First Great Western Plain Blue / Pink Doors

Cost £12.00 for a 2-Car set

Class 150/2 Sprinter DMU

Class 150/2 resplendent in First Great Western Livery - each side artwork comprises nearly 350 separate elements.

Class 150/2 in the 2013 Arriva Trains Wales livery, joining existing models of the Class 158, Mark 2 and Mark 3 coaches in the new, dark blue colours.

Regional Railways Merseyrail yellow

Scotrail "Swoosh" Livery

Now Available:

BR Provincial
Network North Western
Regional Railways Merseyrail Yellow
Anglia Railways
Northern Rail

Scotrail "Swoosh"

Arriva Trains Wales 2013 Dark Blue - NEW!
First Great Western Local Lines (pictured)
GWR Dark Green
Arriva Northern - new 2017 Livery

Close up of detail on 150/2 First Great Western Livery - note the small details and correct graduated shading.

Cost £12.00 for a 2-Car set

There are plenty of future liveries planned, including the Wessex Pictorial units.

Stop Press: The following two specials are also now available

Prototype Unit 2-Car 150002 in Original Provincial stripes
Class 154 Sprinter Test bed 154002 - 2-car unit in Provincial Sprinter Livery

The prototype 150 and 154 Sprinters have the same bodyshell as the 150/1, except a sliding drivers door is fitted like the later 150/2 units. This has been represented on the vinyl with shading and no hacking is required on the donor model!

150002 is the second prototype Sprinter and was modified with air-conditioning, becoming 154001, to test systems for the BREL Class 158 Express units.

Class 950 Track Recording Sprinter DMU

Now Available!

Departmental Track Recording Unit based around the Class 150/1 - these vinyls are designed to fit the Graham Farish Class 150/1 but more work will be required to fill in some windows for the best results.

Available in the following liveries:

Provincial Blue / Light Grey with Red Stripe
BR Blue / Grey with Red Stripe

Railtrack Blue / Green

Network Rail Yellow

Cost £12.00 for a 2-Car set